To make your events special and enjoyable, Mr. Green Bubble offer variety of customizable catering menu options prefect for any occasion. Just simply send us an email about your request and our professional team will arrange tea and snacks for you and your guests.

Currently we serve 6 flavors:

  • Mr. Green Bubble (house milk tea),
  • Jasmine milk tea,
  • Taro milk tea,
  • Thai iced tea 
  • one or two flavors fruit tea

All drinks include boba or topping.

We provide small and medium trays for party orders, the price is negotiable and usually giving 10% to 15% off of the total order.

Most popular party trays:
  •   Popcorn Chicken
  •   Sesame Balls
  •   Chicken Wings

We don't offer delivery, but you can order online from Doordash, you can have our drinks and snacks delivered right to your door.

See the menu page for the links to DoorDash and UberEats.



I got some boba craving and I am glad this is close by!  The facility is pretty clean and casual. There are a few sitting areas to either drink and eat or to just wait for your drink/food order.  

I ordered my usual:
house black tea with boba (tapioca pearls) - You can customize the sweetness and how much ice. The boba was chewy and cooked perfect!

Mochi pandan waffle - Delicious!  It is crunchy, chewy and sweet.  I love this!

They also have a reward system so make sure you sign up for that if you are a boba drinker. Definitely will be back for some boba whenever I am in the area. ~ Teresa P.

Two words - popcorn chicken.  

Yeah I know this is a boba joint but have you tried?   Come for the boba and then stay for the popcorn chicken!

Seriously adults and kids both love it.  And of course if you are Asian then I can stop cuz uou already know about this place. :). ~ Robert H.

My first time In Walnut Creek I stumbled upon this place! I ordered the Thai Tea! As a lactose intolerant person I was very glad to hear they had dairy free creamers and milks to add to my milk tea. I was also very impressed that they have reusable cups!!! 5/5 for taste. 4/5 for environmental friendliness. Hoping they find an alternative to their plastic straws. Overall a great boba place!! ~ Allie N.